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Young and Emerging Leaders Project

A LéO Africa Institute Initiative
Promoting a Value Based
Leadership Model

Promoting a Value Based
Leadership Model

The Young and Emerging Leaders Project (YELP) is an initiative of the LéO Africa Institute that annually inducts outstanding thought leaders into a fellowship program designed to train and orient values of self-advancement, integrity, social responsibility, and socioeconomic transformation.

Core Mission

To make a contribution in building a critical mass of individuals committed to personal development, advancement of career, and shaping a progressive future for their communities, respective countries and Africa.

Seminar Basis

The three seminars, Shaping Personal Leadership, Achieving & Managing Success, and Living your Legacy, are designed on the basis of a “values based leadership model”, which in itself is centered on servant leadership ideals.


The membership of sixty-eight thought leaders, cuts across eight different African countries, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, Zambia, Rwanda, drawn from various professional backgrounds including & industry, business, media and journalism, social entrepreneurs, university students, artists and civil society.

Upon induction, fellows commit to practice values based leadership, and serve as examples to other young people looking to live successful, and significant lives.

Issues In Focus

Leaders within the YELP Network commit to taking action on particular issues which are a challenge to society, and require urgent leadership effort. Fellows take individual and collective  mobilization of resources, and human action toward such issues.

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