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Affairs of the YELP network are overseen by the fellows on this Executive Committee. The LéO Africa Institute is represented by the Deputy Director on the committee as an ex-officio.

Aaron Akampa

Chief of Staff

Elizabeth Mwambulukutu

Chief Networks Officer

Fiona Kamikazi Rutagengwa

Chief Marketing Officer

Ignatious Kirunga

Vice President Alumni Relations

Isaac Rugamba

Vice President Seminar Experiences

Liz Kakooza

Vice President YELP Annual Summit

Liz Muange


The YELP Moderators Corps are distinguished Fellows within the network that have taken on the eminent challenge of curating the unique YELP seminar experience. They work closely with the LéO Africa Institute Faculty to guide seminar discussions and inform the Fellowship’s rich and stimulating curriculum.

The secretariat fulfills the administrative duties of the YELP Network.

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