YELP Seminar:2023 Fellows Gathering

About the Event

Theme: A Leadership in Crisis – Perspectives from the Youth

The LéO Africa institute will host a Gathering of fellows on the sidelines of the 2023 Africa Impact Forum, a biannual meeting of members of the Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI), to be held in Kigali under the theme “Adaptive Leadership in Uncertain Times”.

The LéO Africa institute is participating in the Impact Forum as a partner organization with the ALI East Africa Network and co -convener of the youth leaders’ session.

The session “A Leadership in Crisis – Perspectives from the Youth” will feature three (3) fellows from both the Huduma and YELP fellowships and will be open to participation for all members of the LéO Africa Institute network.

Participation in the session will be preceded by a luncheon hosted by the Institute’s Kigali fellows.

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