YELP Seminar:Kigali Seminar ’22

About the Event

Theme: The Urgency of Harambe, (“Pulling together”): Shaping a Collaborative Leadership Culture

The Seminar is built on the premise of the” urgency” to strengthen a collaborative leadership culture for leaders in Africa, or those who aspire to lead, within organizations, institutions, governments, and communities.

The Harambe Seminar is inspired by the Rwandan concept of “Agaciro”, which implores us as individuals, to find strength in collective identity, as Africans, and places integrity (self-worthiness of the African), at the center of African identity, and among other principles, prescribes collaborative leadership, as essential for Africa in confronting challenges that face society.

The Seminar centers on the need for urgent action and collective responses when confronting individual and collective challenges or in pursuit of innovating and building effective systems to transform society. Individuals participating in the seminar are expected to explore different opportunities for collaboration in their professional pursuits, and how to build partnerships that offer opportunities and solutions to society.

The lessons from the seminar encourage participants to build capabilities that can facilitate quick adaptability, and keep thriving in a constantly changing environment (socially & economically).

The increased competitiveness, in economies at home and around the world, demands adaptability, and collaboration. For Africa, our collective future will depend on how quickly we can collectively work together in adapting to new models, that require different sets of skills, thought processes, and supportive environment. The seminar also explores how networks and collaborative culture can provide an opportunity for personal, career growth, and even business opportunities.

The key lesson from this seminar is how we can learn new ways of addressing the structural and personal challenges in the process of building integrated and good societies and ensuring inclusive social systems.

*** Harambe: A Swahili word borrowed from a long-standing Kenyan tradition, of self-help, that’s part and parcel of the country’s DNA, simply means “we all pull together”. It is an unwritten law of generosity, regardless of class, ethnic group, gender, or religious background.

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