YELP Seminar:Dar es Salaam Seminar ’21

About the Event

Theme: Shaping Personal Legacies: Guiding Leaders Towards Living a Life of Significance

This second YELP Alumni seminar combines different experiences from the traditional three seminars YELP fellows go through in their one year of training. The sessions include taking fellows through deep reflections on moving beyond the “self” in the journeys from success to living a life of significance.

Participants are exposed to practical lessons to learn from, on achieving and managing personal success, practicing self-care and living fulfilled lives, and in turn, moving on to making significant contributions in society.

From the seminar, Fellows are expected to reflect on the sort of legacy they want to leave, and how to navigate the pitfalls that come with bold leadership decisions, sacrifices, that each of these leaders has had to make at different points in time.

*** The Young & Emerging Leaders (YELP) fellowship picks individuals who are clearly on the path to success and empowers them with knowledge and skills to navigate through the pitfalls of success and dangers of leading change.

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