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Abraham Kahasha Kabral


Founder and Executive Director at WOPT 🌍


Abraham Kahasha Kabral is a Congolese Changemaker and HAM Groupe (HG) Entrepreneur. He is also the East Africa Regional President of Africa Youths Community (AYC), promoting global cooperation and a peaceful atmosphere among the youths of the 7 East African countries and He is a Governance, Policy and Political Inclusion Committee Member of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) where he is working as the representative of the Congolese Youth in diplomatic Cooperation of the 16 Sub African countries.

Abraham Kabral is the Founder and Executive Director leading an NGO called The World and Peoples Transform (WOPT) where he is more committed to the positive transformation of conflicts and in environmental protection to achieve lasting peace in the plain of Ruzizi, in the African Great Lakes region which is shared by 3 countries of Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, and DR Congo).