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Boaz is a widely published journalist in over 8 African countries including Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Ghana. Since 2015, Boaz has been a fellow with Climate Tracker as a writer and a citizen-journalist reporting on the most urgent Climate Agenda in Africa. The organization brings together teams of incredibly talented young reporters to the UN climate negotiations, where they have become infamously known as ƒ??Negotiator Trackersƒ?. He is interested in media coverage of Africaƒ??s progress towards the green- energy revolution.

YELP Experience

YELP has always been a matchless involvement to me, and the seminars have been marvelous- filled with powerful reflections and glimpse into wisdom of great leaders, boundless and memorable speeches. I often found myself realigning and preparing myself to take up the challenge of working towards the Africa we want.

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