Fatma Kauga

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Fatma Kauga


Founder & Executive Director, Doyenne Organization


Fatma Said Kauga is the founder and the Executive Director of Doyenne, a non-government organization working on developing a future generation of female leaders through programs that train,coach, mentor, and inspire high school and university girls in Tanzania while pursuing their academic courses.


She is a resourceful professional leader who is very passionate about youth and women’s potential to bring positive change in the world, and a strong believer in education as a tool to eradicate poverty in Africa.


Fatma is having more than 6 years of working experience in the development sector, leading the social change in social enterprises and non-government organizations.  She is involved in strategy, budgeting, business planning, grant portfolio management, and financial and human resources. Fatma is highly skillful with leadership, board advisory, business development, team building, organization compliance, and emotional and social skills.


Established in her leadership experience, she has been selected for different leadership fellowships, training, and forums both within and outside the country. She is a Mandela Washington Fellow class of 2021, Gratitude Network Fellow class of 2020, the Young Emerging Leaders Project class of 2019, Perennial Leadership Fellow class of 2019, and Cordes Fellow class of 2018.


Following her work in the education sector, women, and youth involvement, she was listed among the 100 Tanzanian Sheroes Award in 2020. And also awarded honorary citizenship in Boone, North Carolina USA 2021.


Fatma served as a board member and treasurer of the Policy Forum in Tanzania, and currently is an advisory board member of the Asante Africa Foundation and the SAWA initiative both from Tanzania.


Fatma holds a Master of Science in Finance and Investment and a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Taxation both from the Institute of Finance Management of Tanzania.

YELP Experience

Through this fellowship I was able to coexist with a diverse group of youths who are doing an amazing job.

It gave me great joy to know that we are having more potential youths in Africa who are willing to help our community. My vision has been expanded from not only thinking about Tanzania; now am thinking of impacting people in Africa

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