Hamidu Ssonko

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Hamidu Ssonko


Founder & Chief Executive Officer – Biha Eco Venture


Hamidu grew up from a humble family background of 8 , for which access to basic needs of life, such as improved housing, education and clean water was difficult, that propelled him to harness an insatiable desire to promote positive change in his community.

He is a serial social entrepreneur and a waste reduction innovator with interest in social solutions that address challenges of our time. He is a 2019 Alumnus of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) at Regional Centre in Nairobi, Alumus of Social Innovation Warehouse in Argentina. Hevolunteers by supporting new business leaders as a startup growth catalyst with Kyuka Ventures Innovation Hub and reached over 210 beneficiaries in Uganda, Zambia and Sierra Leone since its inception.

Aged 17, he launched his very first business in high school that started as a student’s partnership recycling project and thenfounded Biha Eco Venture, now a recycling social enterprise that transforms waste to make various products with an intention of solving social needs and he is the brain behind “TheDurable Home Network” Project.

Hamid is passionate about improving the quality of life among rural dwellers in susceptible communities of Sub-Saharan Africa by developing a network of sustainable decent sheltered eco homes through distribution of alternative and affordable building materials on credit to vulnerable areas in highest need of housing improvement.

YELP Experience

YELP has been the central point of a raging tornado of change in my life.

I have learnt that life is limited; we should not waste time living other people’s lives. We should follow our hearts and intuition in whatever we are doing as we impact our communities.

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