Ignatious Kirunga

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Ignatious Kirunga


Money Markets Manager, Stanbic Bank Uganda


Ignatious is an Entrepreneur and Financial Markets professional, Managing Money Markets – Global Markets, Corporate & Investment Banking at Stanbic Bank Uganda.

He is ambitious and dependable with a passion for enriching his career and business with practical and non-practical skills to solve real-world problems. He has built up a wealth of knowledge in financial markets, business, operational risk, information risk, and Cyber risk.

Socially, through Humura Child Care, a charity his a part of, Ignatious seeks to support rural families through programs that lead to true social impacts and sustainable wealth creation.

YELP Experience

As leaders and humans, we ought to discover our purposes but it requires change of the mindset, consistency and self love. The institute presents that platform and it has personally impacted a lot in my life.

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