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Joanitah Nvanungi Nalubega


Program Administration Lead, Refactory


Joanitah Nvanungi Nalubega is an experienced Technologist working in the education and health services industries. She is dkilled in Human-centered Design Problem-solving, User Experience Research, Training, and Product development.  Joanitah is keen on harnessing technology for health promotion.

She is a founding partner at Kafunda Kreative, a fellowship of creatives which seeks to build the capacity of young creatives through building collaborative spaces, opportunities and skilling.

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It is not enough to say the youth and children are tomorrow’s leaders if no one holds their hands to guide them to learn from past and present leaders, review and reference them and their experiences to form better ones for our leadership journey.

Platforms like YELP initiate conversations that cause us to think beyond our circumstances and take lessons about our leaders out of our history books.

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