Judy Lumumba

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Judy Lumumba


Founder, Scars in my Voice (SIVO) Foundation


Passionate and dedicated to women empowerment and development, Judy .A. Lumumba is keen to continue pursuing a career in community development and Research.

She is the Founder of Scars in my Voice initiative (SIVO), a community-based organization that aims to work with young women and girls, dedicated to improving lives and empowering them to achieve a sustainable custom of young women able to Speak, Engage and Protect their spaces. She is passionate about empowering young girls in her community to have and live a life of dignity despite their backgrounds, understand their value in the community, rights, and role as women in the society.

Judy Lumumba is a Fellow at Wezesha Dada Ugozini, a leadership program. She is an Alumni of Young Africa Leadership Initiative(YALI) Regional Leadership Center, Emerging Voices Program, Emerging Leaders, The Moth Global Community, Oaks and Crown Fellowship (Cohort 1), and YELP Fellow Class of 2019, among other Fellowship and Program.

She is currently among the House Kenya Team Leaders, serving as mentorship Lead and as Class Captain.

YELP Experience

I used to view leadership in a different perspective but when I joined YELP I think my perspective has changed due to the readings we have been engaging with and the kind of diversity we have been having from different fellows.

I am looking forward to continuing with the reading culture that was planted in me during the fellowship.

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