Kevin Akimana

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Kevin Akimana


Kevin is the CEO of Water Management Initiative (WAMI), a company that seeks to manage and increase water resources in Burundi. To date, his company has set up over 18 water taps which are currently used by over 300 families. Kevin believes that peace is only possible when human basic needs are meet. Kevin is a part-time student, completing his bachelor’s degree in Business and Commerce at Polytechnic University of Gitega. Upon completion of 2018 YELP Fellowship, he plans to continue serving communities and expand WAMI to all localities of Burundi and the rest of East Africa.

YELP Experience

Leaders aren’t born,they are made.And there are made just like anything else, through courses and experience.
The YELP fellowship has help me learn many tricks that effective leaders utilize to break their walls.Besides, it has made me understand that together with like-minded people I met in YELP, we can deal with all Africa’s barriers and create the Africa we all want.

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