Lydie Uwantege

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Lydie Uwantege


Operations Manager, Institution of Engineers Rwanda


Lydie is a (licensed) Civil Engineer with 8 years of experience in infrastructure projects; design and feasibility studies of construction projects, hydroelectric construction projects, road construction, water supply projects, to mention a few. She also has extensive knowledge in construction and contract management as well as public procurement of construction projects.


Lydie graduated from KIST, now University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology in Civil-Water and Environmental Engineering. She is an EMBA (March 2024) Candidate at Quantic School of Business and Technology (US) and is completing her Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and Management at the University of Birmingham (UK).


Lydie is an avid reader and takes great pleasure in writing as well. On one hand, in collaboration with her professional peers, she writes technical papers, inspired by the projects worked on as well as addressing current challenges faced in the region and globally.


On the other hand, she has a passion for creative writing, particularly; poetry. To that end, Lydie wrote a book which is a collection of poems that recently got published on Amazon.


One of Lydie’s drives is community impact-related activities, as such, on a part-time basis, she volunteers for different organisations such as Engineers Without Borders (EWB_USA and EWB_UK), World Economic Forum Global Shapers (Kigali Hub). Lydie recently joined the Institution of Engineers Rwanda, and now works as the Operations Manager under the Secretariat’s mandate.