Patricia Kahill

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Patricia Kahill


C.E.O Kahill Insights Limited


Kahill is the Founder and CEO at Kahill Insights Ltd, a marketing and public relations company that harnesses technology to provide content and social media marketing and public relations to businesses and projects from the public and the private sectors.

Patricia Kahill Kuteesa is a Multipotentialite, Social Media, Content Marketer and Consultant, a YELP fellow 2017, a development practitioner and social blogger who is enthusiastic about technology.

Kahill is the perfect definition of ‘getting things done.’

YELP Experience

Leadership is critical to the fortunes of any country because it not only shapes culture, but also determines the allocation of scarce resources, that in the end have serious implications on the collective fortunes of a people.?ÿMy application for the YELP Fellowship was motivated by a desire to learn on how I can be a better leader in my own society. As an educated young woman, I realize I occupy a privileged position in society, which I need to recognize and meaningfully utilize by positively impacting others.

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