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Advocacy Specialist in Gender Mainstreaming, AdvocAid Sierra Leone


Rebecca Mweru Kabejja is a Feminist lawyer currently working as an Advocacy specialist in Gender Mainstreaming. Her work experience extends to various fields such as; Multi-media communications, Political and legal strategy, Criminal Justice system, International Development, and Policy Reform. Her research experience extends to the fields of International Tax Governance, Civil Society, and Global Governance.

Rebecca is a member of FIDA-Uganda ( The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers), a feminist organisation that uses multiple strategies aimed at advancing law and policy reform for the protection of Women, including; advocacy, Public Interest Litigation, and various forms of public engagement. She is also a member of Polis180, a grassroots think tank in Germany that translates scientific findings for policy makers.

YELP Experience

If I desire change, then it should begin with me. The training I have received through YELP has made me realize that the only way I can solve a problem is if I accept my own accountability to creating it. This has allowed me question my beliefs and values that have shaped my attitude. Indeed, the change has began with me.

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