Roland Niwagaba

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Roland Niwagaba


Founder, Muwado


Rolanda Niwagaba is the Founder of Muwado, a content platform that will get creators paid for uploading their stories. He is also a Media Innovation Officer at the Media Challenge Initiative (MCI), a youth-driven non-profit, building the next generation of journalists and media innovators in Africa through training, mentorship, and experiential peer-to-peer learning.


YELP Experience

This fellowship couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I had just been appointed to my first position at the helm of an organisation and was completely clueless on what my leadership style was. The (in)formal discussions and interactions I’ve had with other fellows and facilitator’s at the seminars so far have helped make my leadership journey easier in the sense of the factors a leader needs to primarily think about in the day to day running of operations, but harder in a sense of the secondary self discovery that takes place as one tries to guide a team successful and steer the organisation according to it’s principles and the leaders, me in this case, vision.

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