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Wairimu Lyndah Mwaura


Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Leona Foundation


Lyndah Mwaura is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leona Foundation, a Not for profit Organization in Kenya, where she leads a vibrant team in working towards community transformation. She is a community development graduate currently studying Psychology.

Lyndah Mwaura has worked with World Vision Kenya, GROOTS Kenya and Mercy Smile Foundation -Kenya whose head offices are based in the U.S and they support children through healthcare, Nutrition, Education and their families Empowerment.

She is passionate and committed in working towards change in the community, she is the Chairperson for Nakuru Youth Countering Violent Extremism whose goal is a peaceful community. She has been actively engaged in the National Technical Working group against sexual and gender based violence in Kenya.

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One of the things that YELP has really built in?ÿ me?ÿ is developing values and skills in this leadership journey and in working towards the Africa we want to see.

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